Drafting software for Mac: Archicad or Turbocad or Autocad?


also, you're not saving layers or anything like that are you?  that seem to be something available in newer adobe products which my company doesn't use.  Civil people always screw up cad files for some reason.  Furniture people too.  Something about their process is just a little off from ours.

Apr 23, 12 10:16 am


PDF Shrink
Now available for Mac OS X 10.7 and Windows 7!

Email me the file or you can email me and I'll set up an ftp account for you on my server. Then I can take a look at it.


Apr 23, 12 11:40 am

Thank you William.  Before I bother you with it I am going to try one more thing, actually two as I will download PDF Shrink (thank you for the link!).  I read somewhere on the Dassault forums last night, exhausted, that the fonts in the drawing may be the problem.  I'm going to change all my text to SHX not True Type, apparently that is a problem…and see what I get.

Apr 23, 12 5:12 pm


Or you can contact me through Mark Olson on Facebook. Either way...

Apr 23, 12 10:06 pm

OK so the font change didn't do anything.  William, I have your email from the old days, I will send you this drawing for kicks but DO NOT spend time on it!  But fi you can divine and solve my problem I'll send you a bottle of bourbon!  

Apr 23, 12 11:28 pm

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Graphisoft" class="redactor-linkify-object"> ArchiCAD 21

Jul 16, 17 8:43 pm

Learn to link properly you daft cunt.

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