Kaufmann Desert House

I'm doing a study next week on the Kaufmann Desert House by architect Richard Neutra and I need some floor plan dimensions to create this study model. the most useful tool I found was a sketchup model of the house, but it seems to be too small (not to scale). If anyone knows one measurement i.e. the length of the pool or a wall, door height that would be very helpful. I could then rescale the model and the floor plan I have to fit that dimension. I would greatly appreciate any help. thank you.

I am new to this site and forum, and you probably don't appreciate questions like this on this forum, but I thought this would be a good place to ask. Does anyone have some knowledge about this house or about where I might be able to find some info. Thanks

Oct 22, 11 11:18 am

Have you tried using google? It really works.

Oct 22, 11 2:15 pm  · 

Rusty you sure that isn't Phillip Johnsons New Cannan House.....Oh those who follow the internet for resources....Maybe it is maybe it isn't.....ah dam it is all eye music.


Oct 22, 11 5:43 pm  · 

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