Today I saw, for the first time, something I imagined become reality.

All throughout school I've gone back and fourth doubting whether I actually like this stuff or not... why I even bothered with this major.  This is why.  It wasn't one of those glamorous projects, but I came up with a solution to a problem that worked better than the old one, and it was almost entirely my design (like 80-90%).  I left my co-op months ago with just a couple sketches and renderings, and returned to the site to see what I had created in physical form, almost exactly the same.

I feel like God.

Sep 2, 11 12:13 am

OK, now that that's out of the way, what would you do differently next time?

Sep 2, 11 12:31 am
timothy sadler®

Yep, that's what keeps us coming back.

Sep 2, 11 12:38 am

Oh Miles, hush.  I appreciate you're trying to help Due89 improve his skills, but let's let him, just for Today, enjoy the moment of feeling like a god.

I recall my first experience of that moment myself.  In fact, I recall it more clearly than I do other highly significant moments in my life!  Enjoy it, savor it, and like timothy says, accept that it is that moment that will keep you coming back for more despite all that the profession dumps on us all. 

Cheers, Due89!!

Sep 2, 11 12:03 pm

I remember my first as well, such a bs little project but an enormous amount of gratification.... I also remember the improvised downspout that was a giant square profile made to match the corner mullion.  It was ridiculous.  It looked like whoever put it together probably thought about it a lot, so I left it.  I didn't want to knock someone else's idea on that day; a day in which something I did was realized.

Sep 2, 11 1:10 pm

Congratulations Due89.  It's a great feeling isn't it?  Savor the moment, you deserve it. 

Sep 2, 11 1:49 pm

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