Dessau Institute of Architecture (DIA)?


@calimanisor hi, I recently got the admission letter from DIA. Seems like we are gonna be buddies. But although I have a little doubt that; where does Anhalt University stands in world ranking in architecture. Although there is very limited info about the course. The course curriculum seems to be efficient but still having doubts about joining the course over there. I'm from India and wondering how much it's accredited in India.  If anyone can clarify me about that it will be a big help.

Jul 3, 14 5:08 am  · 

Hello, I was also accepted to the DIA.

With regard to international ranking, I've seen a couple list that puts the DIA in the middle of the pack. Comparable to a couple Universities here in Canada. In terms of accreditation, it all depends on the country you would be working in. I believe it is accepted throughout Europe. However, Canada and the USA Architecture boards may serve as a barrier to accreditation in those countries.

As far as I know, I believe you can work for 90 or 120 total days on a student VISA. Have any of you received your VISA yet?


Jul 17, 14 3:22 pm  · 

Hello , 

I got accepted at the dia for the program starting at october 2014. I have a question concerning accommodation in city of Dessau. Can anyone help me  find a suitable room in a dorm, a shared flat or apply to something online. 

PS: i need to submit a proof of where i will be staying in Germany with the visa application files. i hope anyone can help me here ... 

Jul 25, 14 3:25 pm  · 

@Tonianos...  I got accepted in DIA too and looking for flatmate... You have 2 options; first is to apply for hall of residence in the DIA website; second is, you can search flat by posting in the DIA forum or so although I doubt if you are gonna get any reply. And when it comes too submitting proof for visa rarely anyone can write it down due to it's uncertainty of getting an accommodation during visa application( coz  you have to apply early)... Most of the people write the address of the university in the residency permit form.... I guess this link can help you filling out the form

Jul 25, 14 3:36 pm  · 

@Ayan , ok give me an email or your name on facebook so we can discuss the possibility of searching for a flat ! or we can help each other finding accommodation there . 

Jul 26, 14 3:20 am  · 

@Tonianos, my email id is and you can search me by Ayan Datta in facebook

Jul 26, 14 3:30 am  · 

hey guys. sooo i've been accepted to dessau and at aalborg, denmark as well. i'm still debating which one of these two to chose from. so, i wanted to see why other people chose to go to dessau. any thoughts are appreciated :D 

Jul 27, 14 12:08 am  · 


I have been using the following site to find market apartments.

Renting an apartment is really cheap in Dessau (compared to Toronto). There are a couple other sites not unlike Craigslist that you can use to find apartments in the City. Apparently the Northern portion of the City is a little nicer and trendier.

Have any of you opened your German bank account in order to show proof of sufficient funds for your Student VISA? If so which Bank did you open with?


Jul 29, 14 10:21 am  · 

I would like to ask after I graduated with MA. Architecture from DIA, can I work/practice in any part of the European (EU) Countries?  Any recognition or accreditation from any of the EU Board of Architect? I wondering where are the previous graduates currently working? Mind to share? 

Jul 31, 14 6:58 am  · 

Hi, i also got accepted at DIA for following semester, and i have been in contact with campus coordinator and she told me that possibility of us getting a room in a dorm is very small.  On July 16th there were 60 people on the waiting list, and rooms usually goes to second year students. Maybe the best option is to search for a room or a flat via  See you in Dessau.   

Aug 2, 14 6:19 am  · 

Hello, I will also be heading to Dessau this October,  just wondering if anyone has got their student visa yet? As I am still waiting for the banking part (Blocked Student Account) to be sorted out. Also, if anyone has received any news about the student accommodation?

Any feedback will appreciated. Looking forward to seeing you guys in Dessau!

Aug 6, 14 11:42 am  · 

Hi, I haven't received my visa yet. From what I understand it can be completed upon entering Germany if time becomes an issue (depending on what country your passport is from). Regarding the student dorms, I received an email stating that there are very few spaces and they often go to students in their second year. Have any of you had much correspondence with the administrators at the DIA? They very rarely respond to my emails. I've only received the offer of admission and a pamphlet on how to get a visa. Nothing else regarding, payment of fees, accepting the offer, or important dates. Have any of you had any luck speaking with the DIA team?

Aug 6, 14 2:35 pm  · 

Hi, i sent few emails to Mr. (or Mrs.) Schillinger, regarding dorm situation, and him( or her) replied :

" Dear,

we starting middle of the month August with the waiting list
room of the Student hostel. Your becam than a offer. "

So if you finished your dorm application you can expect an offer in a week or so. Because there are a lot of us,new students, maybe we should open a facebook group so we can all share information.  

Aug 6, 14 2:49 pm  · 

@ADN FRS  I will be applying from Malaysia so I am currently sorting it out with my local embassy. Thanks for the advice, I hope everything will go smoothly for your visa as well. I received an email form the DIA admin a month ago which contained the admission letter, visa, accommodation and fees (also about the raising of school fees) information. I can forward that email to you if you'd like. 

@miloslavc  I received confirmation from Mrs Schillinger that they have received my online application, however no news since then. A facebook group would be a good idea, since the existing DIA student blog is very outdated.

Aug 10, 14 3:22 am  · 

Hi Charlotte! I came across your post and was wondering if you could share your experience with me as I am applying from Mal ayisa as well lol

Jun 29, 17 10:57 pm  · 
Dear All,
I have a question for upcoming DIA students. I have sent application to DIA, but, none of them send me an email weather regret or accept. Since you guys already accepted. I assumed myself may have to try again next year. However, it might be helpful if you guys give me a contact or an email, prof. name or any people who I can contact or keep in touch with.
P.S. I had sent to ask,, Prof. Jacoby. I have none received an email from them.
Thank you in advance.
Aug 10, 14 11:55 am  · 

Hey there, try i got my acceptance letter from this email,

good luck :)

Aug 10, 14 12:38 pm  · 

This might help you guys looking for accommodation.

Aug 10, 14 3:10 pm  · 

Hi colleagues and future colleagues!

You ALL are very helpful with shareing your experience! I need to bring you one topic that you didn't mention at all, but is crucial for all of our professional lives after degrees.

I want to study in Germany, however can you tell me differences between their degrees - M.Sci of Architecture, MArch, Master of Arts Architecture and simillar titles?

After you finish Fachhochschule (you get Master of Arts Architecture title in all cases) can you apply for Doctor of Architecture degree in Germany or in other countries?

Did you know that there is a possibility with Bachelor of Interior Architecture or sometimes Interior design which has architecture lectures that you can apply for Master of Arts Architecture at Fachhochschule?

When you want to be hired by some firm in Germany or in other countries (you mentioned Canada, India, USA etc.) what positions can you get with these degrees: BArch, Bachelor of Arts Architecture, Bachelor of Interior design and furniture, Bachelor of Interior Architecture, M.Sci of Architecture, MArch, Master of Arts Architecture, Master of Interior architecture, etc.? You mentioned that Canadians will rather hire people that finished Masters in their country then in Germany. Why? Why aren't the same named degrees the same? What does it take to equalize MArch from Germany with MArch from Canada or other countries so you could work in any firm or get licence and be able to get the same opportunity?

What are the options for starting architecture, design, art businesses in Germany and other countries for these degrees : BArch, Bachelor of Arts Architecture, Bachelor of Interior design and furniture, Bachelor of Interior Architecture, M.Sci of Architecture, MArch, Master of Arts Architecture, Master of Interior architecture, etc.?

What titels on the Architecture degree are acceptable for the architecture licence in your conutrie's Architecture associations or institution which grants them? 

Thank you forward!

Aug 18, 14 12:34 pm  · 

Hello everyone who are currently planing to come to Dessau in-order to join DIA. As "VoinDaut" asked an important question as alumni of Anhalt University of Applied Sciences I would like to clear you the idea.

what is DIA? its is a M.A. degree from Hochshule you are allowed to do Master level research not doctoral research directly under this institution. yes you can join other university for doctoral research with this degree (will be a bit harder but possible)

is there anyalternate? yes from march,2014 there is another research based master program in collaboration of "Anhalt University of Applied Sciences", "Bauhaus foundation Dessau" & "Humbolt University, Berlin" which is a research based 1 year master program that will lead to PhD but the course outline ....not clear yet (at least for me).

Who am I to say all these? I have graduated from Monumental Heritage in 2013 which is another M.A. I suffered a lot as I was searching for PhD possibilities and none helped me......finally after long 1 year fight I got a PhD position.
***when I say suffering, it was because of Applied is a great school but as it is not with University or Technicaly University (TU) designation it creates problem.

I am also one of the admin of this group which helps international students to get settled down in Dessau.




Aug 20, 14 5:48 am  · 

Hello Tanzia , 


I just want to be clear about the degree, i am a new student at dia masters of architecture. As u said this degree will hardly allow me to find a position in a phd program because of the applied sciences thing my question is what about being able to work as an architect. Or more accurately what about get a license as a professional architect in Germany or in my country because of the applied sciences thing ! will the degree be considered in the order of engineer as an official degree that permits me to work alone as an architect ? @tanzia

Sep 14, 14 8:01 am  · 

Hi I`ve read all of posts and i`m greatfull that i almost got all of my answers except Portfolio , Could anyone pease send me the sample of a portfolio that someone could get accepted with , this is my email thank you all .

Sep 19, 14 12:48 pm  · 

Hello everyone :)
My name is Arpi and I have just got accepted by DIA

I have lots of questions about both the program itself and the life in Dessau in general. If anyone from former or present students of DIA could respond to my post or contact me, that would be just great!! 

Pleas let me know if anyone is available and has the time)))

here is my email address: 

Jun 3, 15 2:45 pm  · 

hello, i want to find out if the school takes course work on integrated designs and architectural research, because that is my area of in if one can specialise in an area during the masters programme, as i av just been offered admission for 2015 winter semester.

responses expected soonest.


Jul 4, 15 10:06 am  · 


So I posted here a long long time ago about my desire to go to Dessau, and about 3 weeks ago I was finally got accepted into Dessau!

My name is Zach and I'm from the United States! I would like to hear from others who are currently there or who will be going to the school for the Winter Semester of 2015!

I can be reached via this email:

Jul 8, 15 11:09 am  · 

Hi all.  I've been accepted and will (maybe) be going to Dessau this winter. I've also received my visa.  I'm slightly concerned though about arriving to Dessau, and getting all the necessary registration done. The university seems to never answer emails which I find bothering and rather strange. As a new foreign student, I'd like to have answers to my questions instead of feeling like I'm hanging alone in mid air.

Also,for some reason, the embassy has given me a visa valid from the 1st of October, meaning I'll only be able to enter Germany on that date. (which is the first day of the semester- facepalm)  I'd like to hear from current students or previous ones and your experience with the school, living in Dessau and if it was worth it.

Jul 28, 15 9:22 am  · 

Hi all,

As a student here, to be honest, I must give you an seriously advice that NEVER GO TO THIS SHIT SHOOL.

_ they dont have even a CNC machine in workshop. And the workshop is very small and bad, you can not access everyday.

_ the programme of teaching is very bad, the "proffessors" here, almost has graduated here and maybe they can not find the jobs outside so they decided continue to stay here and .... become tutors,then profs....

_ i know some friends they got the letter from the Dean. They got threaten to "stop the study contract" (kick out of school) because they.... was sleeping through the night in the studio room. I can not believe that until one of them show me the letter...... So pls tell me where in this world, which is the architectural school prevents students work at night in the studio room? 
Yes, and you can guess students here never work through overnight.

- and the FEE , you must pay schoolfee, not like others university in Germany (even in English programme) they got the free education system but here you must pay and it increases year by year. As far as I know, in 2011: 650euros per semester, 2013: 750euros and 2016: 920euros.

of course, because this school is not the Universität . This is the Hochschule. In Germany system that is the far distance but when translate into English they are the same: university. After finish studying in DIA, you will get the master degree but with the (FH) letter behind. (FH- Fachhochschule). Have a plan to get job in Germany? Forget it. Let keep this degree to somewhere in the world they can not understand what "FH" means

- bonus: the Dessau is super-boring town (even here not a city), people call it "Depressau". 

I must emphasize that BAUHAUS only the museum for the tourist, DIA is belong to Hochschule Anhalt. Here is not the same like Bauhaus Weimar  Universität (in Weimar city). Nothing any relations between BAUHAUS and this school. If you are thinking about this legendary name, please forget it!

and from many German friends I knew here, they said to me this is really bad school ever in Germany.

you can try, even in their website they require the students have 6.5 IELTS but you can ignore it, just send your application and 100% you will get the admission.... I know many guys in this school they even dont have any English certifications or just have very bad level (B1, or IETLS 5.0,....). Just go to their website, what are they achivements or goals? Just: we have 400 or 500 students around the world from 40 or 50 countries blablabla, nothing any articles published on the professional newspaper , magazines or nothing any prizes etc.... OK if you want to go here to make new friends it is a good place for you, but for studying ? no! very bad!!!!


Mar 2, 16 8:21 am  · 

get admission here very easy, just send your application and 100% you will get in.... I know many students here they even don't have the portfolio, motivation letter or any certifications.... nothing.... just apply and become a student of MASTER DEGREE! 

Mar 2, 16 10:36 am  · 

Unlike the the person submitting the previous comment I have finished a Masters programme last year at DIA and my experience was a positive one. I was a great experience and I've learnt a lot.

So calling it a shit school is a bit of an over statement.  It is true its a bit disorganised and if you go with the mentality that because it's german school everything runs smooth and perfect than one might be a bit disappointed. However believe me...I observed other German Fachhochschule in Germany and I can say that compared to these Hochschule Anhalt (the school DIA now forms part o)f is much better.                                                                                

With regards to a CNC machine it's true.... there is no CNC machine, however there are 2 Laser cutters.... They are small thats true and most of the time you have to make a reservation to use them; but then again maybe thats were the German pragmatism comes in to play. I have used them multiple times and I was always satisfied.                                          

Besides the laser cutters they have also got a VERY WELL equipped Wood Worksop with people always willing to help.....and if i remember correctly the opening hours might not be from dusk till dawn, but they open according to the assistants working hours; which I believe it's till 5pm.....yes....might not be perfect, but its also not impossible to make use of this workshop in those 8 hours they open daily.

Again I have to disagree with the previous submission about the programme. I found the programme very flexible, diverse and contemporary. Some might translate this as not well planned....but after checking out other strict and regimental programmes from other schools I realised that the DIA programme has soooooo much potential.

Studio topics change every semester and students can choose between 10 to 12 studios every semester. Studios vary from very theoretical/abstract topics to normal conventional design. The professors come from various backgrounds and their method vary. During the 2 years one can experience up to 3 different studios; 2 in the first year and another one in the 2nd year as a Thesis studio. 

For people that have come across DIA while researching Parametric design in Germany; No DIA is not ICD or Stadelschule in Frankfurt...its also not its non of this...and not all studios are related in anyway to Parametric design. Yes there are a couple of studios which offer this since I've never been part of these studios I can't really say much.....However DIA offers a compulsory credit which introduces all students to basic parametric tools and also various electives introducing students to scripting. If I'm not mistaken one of the main tutors for these credits works at UN I don't think that's bad.

Most of the Professors are really friendly and open to discussion. The school does not really bother about Hierarchy. Of course their might be some exemptions, but I can't imagine anywhere with none.

With regards to using studios at night it used to be this way. Students apply for a studio key at the beginning of the studies so you can access studios also at night after the main building is locked up by the security. The policy was that students can work all night in the studio BUT NOT sleep..... I know it happened to me once.....I just wanted a 15min nap because I didn't want to go home to rest but the security guard saw me and sent me home. However you can work at night in the studio. I remember there was once a student which was abusing the studio as his residence ( he did not have a home in dessau basically) and probably they started to be a bit harsher...... but one can definitely use the studios at night.

With regards to the Bauhaus; yes it true...the Bauhaus is not related in any way to the school......  There are some events which the Bauhaus foundation and the School organised together during the year but they are not related in anyway academically....for that check out Wiemar. The only exciting thing is that you have the Bauhaus in the backyard and the graduation ceremony is held in the actual Bauhaus building; which I believe is quite cool.

Dessau is not the most exciting fun cities no....but then again it depends from student to student. If one likes nature, country side and exciting bike rides, then Dessau is ideal.....but if one wants to come to Germany to go clubbing everyday than thats something else. Unfortunatelly most German students in the weekend they go back home so Dessau's student population is drastically reduced, however Berlin is 1hr 40mins away and some people manage to go to Berghain every weekend. Also some students move to Berlin in the Summer semester of the second year and visit Dessau once a week for Crits.                            

Having said that the international student community in Dessau always manages to organise something...and I have to admit I was never bored in the 2 years i've spent in Dessau.              

So to conclude ...yes it is relatively easy to get into DIA...and yes if you want to get an easy Masters Degree it might be the place for you...... however I like to describe DIA as a grown-up one is going to be running after you asking for submissions. Every student needs to be accountable for his own if you want to just get a passing grade you can do that and slack in your work, however if you want to do well and really put an effort in your work there are people who can really help and support you. 

Please feel free to get back to me if anyone would need any information.

Mar 3, 16 10:15 am  · 

@kricc:  I fully agree with you about your last sentences: if someone wanna an easy master degree, just go here.... and I know that why many students from Chinese prefer this place....they are really happy here... no offence but some countries like China you only need the degree paper and if you are a son of guys in the government ok that is all you need! 

but to somebody try to find the real place to learn architecture, I can say that: think again and again !!!!

If you are in Dessau now I can meet you and show my transcript of this first semester, very easy with many 1.0 grades and actually I didn't learn anything news from the school. I was not happy with my studio and I know many other students they don't happy too. And even I heard from Mr L.R. (I guess you know him? the Italian professor) he said exactly the name of "rubbish" electives, in the beginning, I didn't believe him until I took them and got the very easy grade. I can not imagine I am in Germany or in the small village in China.... I think the study environment in Peking or Shanghai even better than here.

With some electives, I only see the professor ONCE in the beginning day.... and then I finished my work only in an hour and I got very high grade.... in the other shit thing named "CAD-Logic" we have 3 choices and all are very bad.... I tried all but I think the tutor they are really don't know how to use those programme they just show off the video from youtube and if students asked them, they were very confused and can not solve the questions.... I saw that scene many times...

I know one guy from Romania he was very disappointed and he quit already and now I decide to follow him.... And one guy from Thailand, and a group of 4-5 guys from Latin America they are making a plan to escape, to re-apply to the other uni.... they can do that because they know German but I cannot ....

And am not a son of some big guy in the government so this useless "master degree" paper can not help me and my head would be still empty 2 years later so I don't want to waste my time. I am very sad because it was not easy to get out of my country to study abroad... 

the only thing that DIA can provide is a paper degree: master degree (FH) and that's all. I could assert this! 

If this is all you need. Ok welcome you to DIA, the "BEST" SCHOOL in Germany!

Mar 3, 16 4:36 pm  · 

if you don't like your school you can re-apply to the others. many others in Germany they have English programme. you don't have to know German.

About all things you said, maybe you are in the bad mood now and somehow so exaggerated but almost true.

Mar 4, 16 6:51 am  · 

I will agree with both kricc and rockybenny. Often Hochshule Anhalt is a place for love and hate relationship. I would add few short poitns

1. DIA can be great if you are at the right courses with right teachers. You learn a lot but you cannot be sure that they will teach in your semester. (as most of the popular ones are not teaching regularly)
2. It can be boring when someone is not upto parametrics and other new methods of architectural practice. 

3. the problem is also the location. Dessau is one of the worst city for student life as I can imagine. So student stick to each other. This is the only way to be happy in this city.

4. The city itself is not foriegner friendly and you sense that at every single steps. I wonder, how many of you would like to live in such a city where you sense this unwelcoming attitude. recently(May,2016) one DIA student was raped and murdered in the heart of the city. This is not a single incident, when I was living in Dessau- I, myself filed police case against sexual harrasment. I was so scared that I did not go out of home for a week or longer. I am adding the ref links here
If you don't understand German let me translate the last part. One professor who has administrative position is arguing that Dessau is not that bad and the chinise media is broadcasting false impression of Dessau. 


May 20, 16 5:43 am  · 

Debating about the education system is useless. Everybody have the different need and they should make a search very carefully about their choices.... If something bad happened, it is their own fault, not by the system. Even I am not happy here but I know this is my wrong decision , I dont blame to the system. I dont know who you are, rockybenny, but I hope now on this time you are happy with your new choice, because in the breaktime after the 1st semester ended, I saw some students tried to get the admission from some other universities, I am not sure who you are in these guys but, good luck to you man! And in the case of you are still here, let accept the reality and deal with it, instead of moaning, ok?

May 27, 16 8:52 pm  · 

Dear Frineds,


I am planning to apply to the MA in architecture program at DIA for the winter semester of 2017/2018.

I was wondering when is the best time to send all my papers and documents (portfolio, motivation letter, transcripts, etc.) or in other words when is the start date of applications for the MA program? Can anyone help me with this matter.

Thank you in advance.

Nov 6, 16 7:36 am  · 

@Omar: just send anytime you want and you will be get in. Dont worry. Some of my friend even dont have English certfitication or porfolio but we almost completed the 2years master program here. 

Jun 11, 17 8:27 am  · 

Hi all,

I'm from Malaysia and I  recently received my acceptance letter for Masters in Architecture at DIA.

 I was wondering if anyone else happen to have come across the program structure as I have not been able to find info on the subjects I would be allowed to take. 

Also, anyone else looked into accommodation yet for this coming winter semester? Oct 17

Jun 29, 17 10:51 pm  · 

I don't get it...why are you crowd sourcing info for the school of your choice when you've already chosen to apply into? Either you didn't do your research before hand or you choose not to email them after admittance. Which is it?

Jun 29, 17 11:40 pm  · 

@archietechie : it sounds like he spammed over 100 emails to find job and even dont remember which one he "applied" to.

Aug 13, 20 6:07 pm  · 


I admitted to DIA program for the winter semester 2019/2020. 

I need advice from someone who has knowledge of compulsory and elective courses in DIA program. Also, I would be glad, if you could give some advice/tips about the city, school and teachers.

Thank you :)

Jun 25, 19 7:01 am  · 

Hello, my name is Lewis M Kim, and I am considering applying to DIA as well for the winter semester of 2020. Do you guys have any advices on portfolio and other helpful informations for the school? Also, is the program accredited in Canada as well?

Jul 27, 19 7:17 pm  · 

Hi Lewis, DIA is also one of my consideration. I have read the whole conversation above, the pros and cons, I guess I have to put DIA below my priority for now. Mind to share me which schools you applying for 2020? I am looking for Advanced Architecture - Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, and ITECH Stuttgart Uni. It's just Frankfurt Uni of Applied Sciences doesn't have much of track record

Sep 2, 19 2:25 pm  · 

Did you get through? I received acceptance from DIA today.

Apr 21, 20 4:11 am  · 

@bm9148: ITECH / ICD Stuttgart is a totally different level. You would have a very low chance to "consider" or "have a choice". Good luck.

Aug 13, 20 6:10 pm  · 

Hello everyone

Planning to do Architecture masters in Germany Winter 2020. I don't have a lot of options as there aren't a lot of courses available in English. That's why DIA is an option for me!

I talked to Hochschule Wismar but they need a score of 70% or more. I told them India gives 1st class at 60% & distinction at 66% 

70% for India is crazy! But they're not ready to budge! Shouldn't they be judging Indian marks on Indian scale and then relate to theirs??

@LMK98 which other universities have you applied to? Even I'm targeting 2020 same as you.

Any suggestions on other courses? I'm targeting TU Berlin also.

Jan 13, 20 10:38 pm  · 

all I can say is: do you wanna stay in Germany / Europe to work after studying or just wanna a degree paper to come back to your country?

I dont know the current situation there in DIA now, maybe it got better or worst, but for my time there (2014-2016) were very bad. only a few of my classmates can find job after finish that school. 

TU Berlin is high credited school in Germany and Europe, also in the world. If you can, go for it.

Aug 13, 20 6:12 pm  · 
vaishnavi soni


I have been offered admission to DIA for the winter semester 2021. Can anyone let me know the total cost of living per month? I am actually thinking of taking up the offer, do let me know if there's anyone who is accepting the offer so that we can stay in touch.

Jun 27, 21 8:49 am  · 

thanks for sharing guys

Jul 14, 21 8:24 am  · 

Any one applied for the upcoming 2022/23 semester ?

 any idea when will the results be announced ?

 any idea about the quality of education now ? because according to what i understood of those comments here, it used to be decent around 2014 but not so good lately, i cant seem to find much info about this course sadly... 

May 4, 22 9:37 am  · 

Hi @anashakim. I have been offered a position in DIA for the 2022/23 intake. Would like to connect with you if you are still willing to join this. I received my acceptance on the 3rd of May 2022

May 15, 22 7:22 am  · 

Hey @sharmilaselvam1 I received my offer letter for the coming winter semester as well. Would love to connect. Drop me an email if you're interested!

May 19, 22 1:17 pm  · 

Hello everyone!!!

I read through all of the previous DIA comments in this thread. I was considering applying for DIA before reading the comments here. But now I'm at a loss as to whether I should apply or not. However, application deadlines have been extended until June 15th, 2022. I still have some time.

I really appreciate your advice in making a firm decision.

Thank you very much.


May 29, 22 1:12 am  · 

Hey what did you decide? did you take the admission?

Dec 24, 22 5:55 am  · 

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