Random ashlar pattern


I am planning a swimming pool deck project with a true random ashlar pattern in cut stone.  I can use 12x12, 12x18, 12x24, 18x18, 18x24, 18x36, 24x24, 24x36, 36x36 inch stone, or any combination of the above.  I would prefer to use only 4 or 5 of the above sizes.   How does one calculate the correct quantity ratio of stone sizes necessary to generate a true and aesthetically pleasing random ashlar pattern?   I tried a program called Layout Planner, but it did not generate a true random ashlar pattern.   As a person with a physics background, it kills me that I cannon find any information on the quantity ratios for stone sizes in a random ashlar pattern.  There must be a mathematically correct solution to my problem.  Please help.

Jul 30, 11 4:15 pm

This is the art of the eye. Study the pattern. It isn't really random rubble. There is principles to it. If you like I would recommend you study this picture:

Not as high of resolution that I would like but it might be helpful to study the pattern a little.

I may have to shoot the photo myself and get a better picture but there are plenty of examples to understand and study the principles of doing such.


Jul 30, 11 5:19 pm

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