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hi I often get so stuck when it comes to design concepts, I always get into the trap of having an idea so 'original' and ' out of the box' that I spend hours with a blank sheet. I face this every semester, however when the deadline approaches I manage to come up with something somehow. It is such a moment now. Any advice or tips or vid reference, will help a lot!


Feb 26, 24 10:39 am

Idk about prof. practice but in school, adjacency diagrams help me a lot. Start with the program and fit things next to each other as they would functionally be then start placing approximately sized boxes next to each other then start articulating and modulating those boxes to function more efficiently. See what you can combine or what can be downsized until you end up with something that is functional. Start thinking about plumbing and how your stacks will align which will push your bathrooms and kitchens, think about structure and how your columns will subdivide your space or structural walls etc. let function drive your form. Not every building has to be revolutionary but every building *has* to function.  

I don't know what year you are and I'm a hack so take what is valuable to you and leave the rest.  

Feb 26, 24 12:17 pm  · 

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