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Hello everyone, I am hoping to apply for a M.Arch, mainly at Polimi and KTH. Since I don't have a lot of acquaintances who work in architecture/design, I thought I would ask you guys for some feedback on my application portfolio.

I know theses are very competitive schools, and after looking online at portfolios that got accepted, I feel there is so much I wish I would've done differently, and so much to improve. Still, I wanna try my luck with the work I currently have. Any feedback you could provide would be greatly appreciated!

My portfolio:

Jan 10, 24 11:38 am

I’ll play / the colour code doesn’t work here , see p10-11  it’s green everywhere! You don’t need colour border or background to make the graphics stand out see p 8-9 ( i would make the exploded axo bigger ) 

Play with small -large scale drawings/renders , draw the attention of the audience to the best detail you want to showcase. G luck

Jan 11, 24 1:21 am  · 

I would limit to 2 pages per project. less text, more drawings.

Jan 11, 24 11:57 am  · 

I don’t love the color scheme approach myself, but I’m a minimalist with such things. I do think the general layout with text and organization is meh. As JLC-1 said, too much text, especially when it’s just like site information.

I don’t feel like commenting on design concepts.

The content is ok. I’d slap most of your drawings/renderings with a fat smack of adobe suite, they need some refinement, especially the renderings. I honestly think you could probably get them to look up to par in just postprocessing though. Being able to photoshop the crap out of something is an important talent for school :) 

Jan 11, 24 5:21 pm  · 

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