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Hi all, 

New to the forum with one very specific question. I'm an interior designer with a real estate developer, and we also dabble in urban design as well. 

It's extremely fast-paced and I don't always have time to delve deep into all the different construction standards for this or that. Not to say, we skip them, but I personally would like more options in terms of possibilities. 

In the past, I've found the website helpful in a jiff. But it seems limited. I have a mountain of standards books but.....there's too much writing! I don't have the time to sit there and read pages and pages, when all I need are dimensions. Yes, I am asking for a picture book.

Is there, at all, a book out there that is just filled with diagrams and measurements - similar to Whether it's construction, architecture, interior design, urban design?

I am aware that different countries will have different standards, and that's not an issue for me. Any information would at least be a good starting point.

Thank you!

Jan 3, 24 12:37 pm

neufert architect's data or architectural graphic standards

Jan 3, 24 1:02 pm  · 
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I second Architectural Graphic Standards

Jan 3, 24 1:59 pm  · 
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didn't know there's an online subscription, the fee is very reasonable.

Jan 3, 24 2:27 pm  · 

still have my 7th edition here on the shelf...seems to still cover quite a lot despite the world moving on from some of the things illustrated

Jan 3, 24 3:29 pm  · 
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I have a couple of books from Japan ;  interior  , bathrooms, kitchens chairs etc from  Kinokuniya , great illustrations/diagrams. Don’t think you can get them online though …so if you ever go to Japan! ,  otherwise Neufert

Jan 4, 24 6:21 am  · 

Second to AGS would be: Time Saver Standards for Interior Design and Space Planning.  Incredibly useful with hundreds of diagrams and drawings. 

Here is a pdf version if you'd like to download or simply peruse before you by the book:

Jan 4, 24 2:43 pm  · 

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