Scandinavian Architecture Education (English)


Hey I just found this site after many hours looking over the internet for a school in Europe for Architecture with good ratings, facilities, location, and climate for outdoors but also taught in English. I found plenty that I like that have programs for a Masters in English. I am partial to Scandinavian/Danish architecture but open to all schools in Europe, as long as the environment is thriving and moving forward with sustainability. I wouldn’t mind moving around after my undergraduate degree, but a school with both Bachelors and Masters (English) would be great. I’m also not apposed to just learning Dutch. However, I know that will take some time. My last option would be to just do my Bachelors program in the US, and then go ahead and do my Masters abroad. I’m looking for any good recommendations for programs that would meet my criteria. Any help is much appreciated. 


Dec 23, 23 3:36 am

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