MArch Portfolio feedback (TU Delft, UCL Bartlett, KTH, Harvard, Columbia, National University of Singapore, Aarhus, KADK)


Hello, I am currently completing my BArch in Scotland this year with prior work experience and am applying to masters programmes. I would absolutely love some feedback/critique on my portfolio, and anything I can do to improve it.

Thank you all!

Link for portfolio:

Dec 22, 23 12:25 pm

Hi dylan, think the projects are fairly well laid out and process explained, renders convey the atmosphere and mix of mediums is good. Don't like the large project name/project number being on every page, but the wayfinding progression of its cube is nice.

Might want to add the project mediums (i.e. AutoCAD, photoshop, revit etc) to the description, resize the opening image for project #4 (all the others are consistently close in size, layout), and potentially swap #4 with #5 (usually start and end with your strongest or most impressive projects, and #5 is a bit banal in comparison). Hope that's a bit helpful, and good luck on your application!

Dec 22, 23 7:36 pm  · 

This is a decent /solid folio for entry position after graduation! But, i don’t think The Bartlett/ Delft would rate your works  highly as they are very experimental/ process drive schools. So, i

I would redesign the cover page / it’s a turn off. 

Dec 23, 23 5:23 am  · 

the page set up/ table of contents should get simplified I think. the "design" of the portfolio itself distracts from your work. It's still possible to design the portfolio, but don't have it compete visually with your work.

Jan 2, 24 2:34 pm  · 
Non Sequitur

do students not draw anymore? Where’s the progress sketches and interior view concepts? Those few “drawings” in the folio don’t do much and look like they were done with a blunt hb pencil while riding the bus.  I recall having hundreds of sketches for everyone of my undergrad projects and final folio was typically a 30/70 split between progress and final.

The first and the last project are the best thing ones but that last one (net between cliffs) definitively needs more concept and exploration drawings. 

Dec 23, 23 8:36 am  · 

You need to sort out the schools you want to apply. Your choices are pschizophrenic.

The Delft and Bartlett are far easier to get in, even if your portfolio is lousy as long as you could apply as an international student. Meanwhile Harvard, Columbia and National University of Singapore are far more competitive to be accepted. You need to reorganize your work to the direction of above said universities.

Dec 28, 23 11:08 am  · 
1  · 

The Bartlett is the number 1 in the world and it's extremely hard to get in. Approximately 700~1000 students worldwide compete for that 80~90 slots every single year!

Jan 26, 24 2:06 pm  · 

I am specifically talking about Bartlett's ARB / RIBA Accredited Part 2 course. Which I assume is what TS was referring to (since he did his Part 1 in UK too). Which only makes sense to be a REGISTERED Architect in the UK.

As that is the ONLY course in the Master's Programme of The Bartlett that allows you to move on to Part 3 and eventually registered as an Architect (Similar to US architectural accredited course), and the ONLY one that is a 2-years programme.
And it is the most competitive course to get into. They only accept 1~5 international students who does not have an ARB/RIBA Part 1 Recognised Qualification. The rest of them are either Local / International Students WITH a recognised UK Part 1 Bachelor's Degree.

I am not talking about any other Master's programme in the architecture field from The Bartlett, which I agree, are mostly Cash Cows programme aimed for International Students.

Jan 27, 24 8:01 am  · 

Hey, take a look at, there are many current students and recent alumni from prestigious universities providing assistance with university applications and portfolio guidance. I think it mainly operates in the creative industries at the moment.

I just got admitted to UPENN MArch, and the 'insider' insights and hands on guidance on the portfolio helped me a lot...

Feb 2, 24 10:03 pm  · 

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