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I'm applying to both the University of Minnesota TC & Michigan for their M.Arch programs and I need a little help with creating a portfolio. I'm currently studying art with a focus in photography and I know that U.Mich isnt really interested in photos but UMN arch has said that they're okay with it. They both said that as long as I can make the photos cohesive to the rest of my portfolio and have the creative ability to communicate through my art that its ok? A lot of my work is B&W film so I work a lot in the darkroom and I TA darkroom classes. Would this make my portfolio stand out in terms of a non-arch student &portfolio? I'm just really nervous and I really want to get in. Any advice helps!!

Dec 7, 23 12:52 pm

Ask each school. They will give you guidelines for what they're looking for.  The way you customize your portfolio to meet these guidelines is part of what admissions will look at.   This is especially true for portfolios with 'non traditional' subject matter.  

Good luck.  

Dec 7, 23 1:09 pm  · 

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