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Does anyone feel out of things to write about for the MArch I prompts?

This year, they require five essays (300 words each) that applicants have to complete. What do you all write about?

Currently brainstorming on the "uniqueness" essays, and what makes me unique just doesn't seem to be special anymore the more I think about it. Any advice from previously admitted students to the program?

Trying to make up my application with essays and the portfolio, since I missed the cum laude by .05 point in GPA

Dec 4, 23 12:15 pm

I made the mistake of grabbing the prompts off of their site rather than via the application portal. Fun surprise to find out they hadn't updated the site from last year's topics. So, at least you aren't writing 8 essays like me :) Luckily, most of them are pretty guided/specific. 

I do also struggle with some of the common topics --  the Cal state schools in particular really push the "what makes you a minority and how have you overcome struggle to attend our school" question. While it can be valuable to have a space for folks to address this, I can't help but feel like it really incentivizes applicants to overinflate experiences. Like, whether or not my growing up poor really held me back from any higher education, now I feel like I have to use it as a sob story or risk not having a competitive application. 

Dec 4, 23 12:50 pm  · 
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do cum laudes even matter when it comes to applications tho?

Dec 5, 23 8:54 pm  · 

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