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I have a BA in architecture and I am now looking into Masters Programs that I could apply to, but I can't seem to decide. I don't necessarily want to break my bank account with Ivy League schools, but I am willing to consider it if I feel I could fit in/ best option. I am looking for a place that focuses more on sustainability and more on the technical side rather than theoretical. Any suggestions?

Nov 25, 23 6:38 pm

Don't go into Ivy school levels of debt for an architecture degree. Just don't.

For sustainability focused schools, which country/continent are you looking into?

Nov 26, 23 12:48 am  · 
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Non Sequitur

take the absolute cheapest option. Don’t spend 20k+ per year on an arch degree. 

Nov 26, 23 6:49 am  · 
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On this same line of thinking. You shouldn't be going into debt more than 2.5x your starting salary. Understand that you average starting salary will be around $40k a year. Obviously large metro areas (NYC, San Fran, ect) will pay much more however, the cost of living is also much higher.

Nov 27, 23 2:07 pm  · 
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where's all this $40k/yr stuff coming from?  We're more like $65k.  That's $19.23/hr assuming you're not putting in extra time.  Might as well pull a shift doing ANYTHING else and lazily stock the shelves, sweep the floors, whatever

Nov 27, 23 4:09 pm  · 

Where do you work though Joe? As I said in my comment above larger metro areas will have much higher salaries.

Look at the AIA compensation report or various online sources like ZipRecruiter or the AIA salary calculator.  Keep in mind the AIA salary calculator only has info for larger metro areas.  

Nov 27, 23 4:37 pm  · 

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