What are you thankful for?

It's that time of year again.  With all the food and travel it can be a bit stressful.  

Let's be all hippy dippy and post what we're thankful for this year!  Try not to be too sarcastic or pessimistic.  ;)

Nov 21, 23 10:55 am

for the people who still care about other people

Nov 21, 23 11:55 am  · 
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It's becoming less common these days.

Nov 21, 23 12:12 pm  · 
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for Maple syrup and bacon. 

Nov 21, 23 12:26 pm  · 
7  · 

Seconded for both, together and on waffles!

And good friends and family, keeps life enjoyable :)

Nov 21, 23 12:49 pm  · 
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Maple syrup and bacon waffles.  Hmmmmmm. 

Nov 21, 23 1:17 pm  · 
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Family and friends. Yes, to be clear, that includes the friends here as well.

Then good CANADIAN bacon! Maple syrup,, good food.


Then of course, a justice system, even as imperfect as it is. It surely could be worse and hope it doesn't get that way.

Nov 21, 23 2:43 pm  · 
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The health of my family!

A job I love working with nonprofits!

The endless fun and knowledge I've gained from being on Archinect for 20+ years!

Nov 21, 23 2:44 pm  · 
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This year a lot

- Previous, now current, clients and new clients that want to work with me now that I'm on my own.

- Colleagues that have gone out of their way to offer advice and answer questions.

- Friends and family being supportive of me going out on my own, even my 70 year old, member of a union for 50 years, dad that it took a few months to convince him that yes, people will pay for my services out on my own. 

Nov 21, 23 4:26 pm  · 
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My girlfriend's smile.

Our daughter's laugh.

Learning how to love.

Memories of my parents.

Completing my oeuvre.

The ability to enjoy the moment.

The opportunity to have been part of a team that provided a real service and value to the community by building schools.

This country is still a democracy.

Living long enough to treasure these things.

Nov 21, 23 8:33 pm  · 
3  · 

Would love to learn more about the oeuvre!?

Dec 20, 23 1:12 am  · 

My child has been home from college for the holiday for 30 minutes and has already left an open of chips and a package of cheese out on the counter. I’m so thankful he’s home! 

Nov 22, 23 1:25 am  · 
7  · 

how's the school?

Nov 24, 23 10:09 am  · 
Wood Guy

My mental health is the best it's been in a long time; nobody in my family is currently extremely sick or dying (for the first time in 6 years); I've made more money this year than any year since 2005 (when I worked 80-hr weeks); I am not directly involved in any wars; we have a year left of relative normalcy in US government (including support for things like people in need and infrastructure). 

Nov 22, 23 10:50 am  · 
7  · 

Thankful to be working in a firm again. Even a 6 month stretch of unemployment was kinda rough on me, but now I have both the funds to imbibe and a reason to do so (on Fridays*).

Nov 22, 23 11:09 am  · 
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Wilma Buttfit

I’m thankful for my health, friends )what’s left of them anyways), restaurants, taco trucks, my kids’ teachers, free live music, this nice weather, and my family.

Nov 22, 23 10:55 pm  · 
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Non Sequitur

I'm thankful that thanksgiving was in October because I'm far too busy to be thankful in November.

But, because you asked, I'm thankful for pumpkin pie, hours-old coffee and Neil Young vinyl records.

Nov 24, 23 7:56 am  · 
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I am thankful I am still able to laugh at myself. And, so so health. And, my students. And, there's electricity, water, food, and bombs that don't go every second...

Nov 24, 23 10:23 am  · 
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​And, thankful for my friends!

Nov 24, 23 11:53 am  · 
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Thankful for architecture. Both for the good and the bad...

Nov 24, 23 11:54 am  · 
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And, I am thankful for my centenarian mother who still effectively manipulates me and my siblings :))

Nov 24, 23 11:58 am  · 
3  · 

Very grateful for a host of amazing people who like and/or love me.

For a sense of humor, where I get to laugh a lot and (on occasion) help others do so.

For a sense of perspective-- in which I (sometimes) remember what's important and (better still) what's not.

For getting paid (such as it is) to work with good people doing interesting things.

And still grateful for many of the folks and interactions here on A-nect.

Nov 24, 23 5:11 pm  · 
6  · 

Here here!

Dec 20, 23 1:12 am  · 

I hope all of you have a fun weekend, Thanksgiving or not! 

Nov 27, 23 2:04 pm  · 
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