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I am an architectural designer who 3 years of professional experience in archtiecture and set design in film. I am looking to move (preferably) to Berlin and likely to go back into strictly architecture. I have a place to live, but am looking for a job and visa. I speak some German, but it is not yet fluent. Does anyone know where to look specifically for these kind of jobs? Do they exist? I am curious on other experiences ohers might have had as well!

Thank you!

Sep 22, 23 1:06 pm

I have a limited sample, but for the ones I know that made the move to Europe the answer was marry someone from that country. Europe’s work rules are strict with the no one in country/EU/EEC that can do the job requirement to prove.

Sep 22, 23 4:49 pm  · 

If you're young enough, the other option is to look at Working Holiday visa's or similar. It depends on which country you are coming from and where the home country has partner country agreements. This is a  common path for Commonwealth citizens. Note that it is only a temporary visa; it is not allowed to lead to citizenship.

Sep 23, 23 11:13 am  · 

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