Tips to beef up MArch applications?


MArch applications are due in a few months and I know I don't have a top undergrad GPA (I think it was around 3.4?).  I am hoping to pass my LEED AP in November before applications are sent out, but does anyone have tips on ways to beef up my application in the next few months? Ex: volunteering opportunities, revamp some portfolios, certifications...

My focus is on sustainable architecture so I really want my application to support that as best as it can.

Sep 21, 23 3:28 pm
Non Sequitur

add an extra patty. Preferably elk. That usually does it for me. 

Sep 21, 23 5:38 pm  · 
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Unfortunately elk only helps venison the MArch app.

Sep 21, 23 5:48 pm  · 

Canadian School like it if you dip your application in maple syrup first.

Sep 21, 23 6:35 pm  · 
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Beef you say... try to design a meat packing facility ... I did. (Don’t really do this, stick to the projects you have, I just wanted to make a joke based on my own life)

What I would suggest you actually do is beef your projects up. If your portfolio isn’t super high quality, make it better. Better renderings, nicer looking drawings, diagrams, etc.

If your portfolio already looks good, support your interests, and maybe try to provide some diagrams/info/studies/simulations showing your efforts to design sustainably. If your only sustainability credentials are LEED and flowery language, that’s meh to me. Show me some solar studies, wind studies, water studies, Wufi, Carbon reduction, Resilience, passive systems, etc. Make me believe!  Some of these are a little more granular than make sense for an undergrad portfolio, but that depends. 

Sep 21, 23 6:20 pm  · 
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Immigrant Developer

M.ARCH aint worth it, get an M.RED 

Sep 21, 23 8:49 pm  · 
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Forget the beef. What you need is more cowbell.

Sep 23, 23 9:36 pm  · 

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