Studying MArch in the UK as a US student


I am starting my list/deliverables for graduate school and am very interested in sustainable architecture. I took a year between undergraduate and graduate school so I'd like a shorter program if possible. 

I am thinking about applying to a couple of UK schools even though I am a US student. The programs seem on average a year shorter and they have a greater focus on green architecture than it seems many US schools do. Does anyone know someone who has done that trajectory or have educated opinions on whether it is worthwhile? I am not sure if I would want to become licensed in the US or Europe in that situation.

Sep 21, 23 3:26 pm

Well , tuition would be more expensive I assume. Pay will be less 25-30K £ … ish given you can land a job after graduation. Positive note, you’d enjoy  living / traveling through Europe and beyond.

Sep 21, 23 9:36 pm  · 

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