Hello, currently I’m enrolled at Parsons for their Architectural Design BA program. I’m looking into transferring (Syracuse, Illinois Tech, University of Arizona and Sci Arc). I’ve only heard back from Sci Arc so far and was accepted into their program. 

I know it’d definitely a better choice over a BA degree, but just wanted to have some insight into their undergraduate program. How well does it prepare you as an architect?

Also, how desirable is an SCI ARC student for an architecture firm? Is employment more determined by documented work and internship experience than a degree? 

Jun 4, 23 3:24 pm

Pardon my ignorance regarding the abbreviations, when you say BA do you mean Bachelor's of Architecture or a Bachelor's of Science in Architecture?

Jun 6, 23 3:25 pm  · 

It's a good question Chad, but I believe all those schools offer the B. Arch degree the OP references in the title of the post. But it is an important clarification. 

Jun 6, 23 3:55 pm  · 

I wasn't sure. I asked because if the OP is going to have a B.Arch (an accredited degree) and isn't interested in a specialized field of architecture then getting a masters may not be of much use for the cost. Then again the OP may not have to worry about the cost.

Jun 6, 23 5:15 pm  · 
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