Floor Plan Review Needed



I am new in this area but tried my hard to make this drawing

Can you please review my drawing and give me your valuable feedback


Jun 2, 23 12:17 pm
Non Sequitur

I love how parking takes almost 1/3rd of the floor plate and that there are audience chairs in front of all the beds. Good way to compensate for an otherwise poor layout.   The drag room is a nice touch. I’d like to have one in my house but I don’t have enough drag outfits and shoes to justify it. 

Jun 2, 23 12:32 pm  · 
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Highly recommend you diversify your wardrobe then NS.

Jun 2, 23 2:15 pm  · 

This is going to go somewhere . . . .

Jun 2, 23 12:38 pm  · 
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It is hard to offer any one point of criticism because there is no context or site plan and also the layout and room adjacencies are really poor. 

If you are in architecture school, you should review this with a professor. 

If you are a layperson, you should go to architecture school. 

If you are a working architect, you should stop. 

Jun 2, 23 2:17 pm  · 
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I am pretty sure pragmatic function and logic is not an absolute requirement of architecture. Just look at the Tower house by Gluck+. One bedroom each floor. Not efficient at all. So, do whatever you want as long as you got the $$.

Jun 2, 23 4:26 pm  · 

Thanks to all for valuable suggestion

Jun 2, 23 11:39 pm  · 
*your name

My valuable suggestion: stop going to DRG room and do drugs.

Jun 3, 23 12:04 am  · 
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Le Courvoisier

yep, it’s a floor plan

Jun 3, 23 9:40 am  · 

I can't help but ask a few questions. 

1. Where do the stairs go? Why don't we see a second floor?

2. Which door is the main entrance? Where do you put your stuff when you enter the door?

3. Why is the dining room a high traffic space between all rooms? Why would I want to eat there?

Jun 4, 23 9:41 pm  · 
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the 2 chairs facing the bed.  That’s some freaky shit.  

Jun 6, 23 7:40 pm  · 

Don't kink shame. Whatever floats your boat man.

Jun 7, 23 11:05 am  · 
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