Los Angeles BHO / Baseline Hillside Ordinance any petitions to get rid of it?

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I'm trying to figure why the Baseline Hillside Ordinance hasn't been cancelled yet, or at least let Cities vote to opt in? Any petitions to drop it or at least have a 1 yr amnesty from it?

I've spoken to several geologists and engineers who feel that its a arbitrary and unfairly limits design and construction but I don't see any petitions to get rid of it. During the Antonio Villaraigosa years construction was basically halted as a means to appease voters and that's when this was enacted or started. 

I've heard that they want to lower the soil export limit from 10K down to 1K. I don't know who decides on these arbitrary numbers, but just when I thought there's no way they would drop the limit to 10K and they did. Every time I say no way they are going to do that, they do it. So I believe anything that I hear now.

I voted for Caruso and I was hoping that he would get rid of it but obviously that didn't work out. 

Any petitions let me know. So that I can sign it.

May 28, 23 1:29 pm


May 28, 23 2:39 pm  · 

Get him in here!

May 28, 23 7:44 pm  · 
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Oh that made me snort with laughter!

You wind the internet for the day!

Jun 1, 23 1:57 pm  · 
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Non Sequitur

I’m for the ordinance and I think it is a good thing. 

May 28, 23 3:26 pm  · 
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The idea that getting rid of the BHO would have been part of his campaign is hilarious. As if he actually cared about governance.

Of course the typical Caruso voter imagines their own concerns to be the top priority of Daddy Big Bucks. You should definitely start a petition, it will divert your energy from doing anything impactful. 

May 31, 23 7:34 pm  · 
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Looks like the OP is a contractor . . .

Jun 1, 23 10:08 am  · 
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ah the billionaire slums, what a sight.

Jun 1, 23 10:54 am  · 
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atelier nobody

Why on Earth would we repeal an ordinance that improves the safety of hillside construction while also making it easier to get permitted and making previously "unbuildable" lots now buildable?

Jun 1, 23 1:50 pm  · 

I don't know. Probably because the OP is a contractor/ developer and it makes it less profitable for him / her?

Jun 1, 23 1:58 pm  · 
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Building safety usually does! Outrageous.

Jun 1, 23 2:37 pm  · 

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