How to Find Employment in an Architectural Firm as an Industrial Designer


Hi everyone,

I am a recent graduate of an industrial design program (B.Des) and I wish to pursue a career in architecture. 

My main reason for this post is to see if anyone here has managed to enter the architecture profession from a bachelors degree in industrial design. Is there any approach that worked for you? It seems like my resume would be screened out by any online application systems as I do not have a B.Arch or BS Arch.

Obviously, I intend to get my M.Arch at some point in the future but right now it is not financially viable for me. I would prefer to gain experience, build references, and get myself to a better financial position to pursue an M.Arch. For context, I have about $40,000 in debt from my ID undergrad and I am hoping to pay off the highest-interest $20,000 before going back to school and taking on more debt. 

May 8, 23 6:09 pm

I can't speak to the likelihood of a firm hiring someone without architecture education. I did an MArch after a BA in another field, though, and took a few years between degrees to chill and earn some money. My solution: worked in construction. I was a laborer/carpenter for a few years, knowing I would ultimately be on the architecture side. It was deeply educational and satisfying, and really couldn't imagine what kind of worker I would be today without that experience.

If hard labor isn't to your taste, look at professions/jobs around architecture that will still add to your experience. Especially ones that don't require specialized knowledge. Could be in marketing/research for a firm. Maybe a company/supplier on the construction or development side (but not on site). 

Another thing I did was seek out alumni who also went into architecture, had coffee with them, etc. Build your network and don't worry about not having a BArch, your ID education will be an asset in the long run. 

May 8, 23 6:38 pm  · 
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Can't help personally, but I worked with an Industrial designer in an architect's office, he now owns an office and hires architects. It's been done.

May 9, 23 10:32 am  · 

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