Is applied maths useful if I want to persue my dream in architecture.


Hey i posted this forum before but without any proper introduction, so hey I am seri and I am 16 year old, currently studying in India in class 11th.

I am not really bad at maths but still I went for commerce without maths for my 11th. My results aren't declared yet but I started my studies already.

I always liked architecture infact I put it in the second most slot of my career list. Now the question is do I have to choose normal maths or applied maths or do I even have to choose maths?
Since my results aren't out I still have the chance to opt for maths. Do I really have to choose maths as a main subject? Can I just choose applied maths? Cause then I won't have any competition and I can study it with full focus and ease. Also is maths included in the architectural courses, do they teach us the maths we need for constructing something from the scratch cause then I don't have to choose maths right?

Now physics, I am bad at it to be honest I never liked it but I read somewhere "physics shouldn't be your reason to quit dreaming about being an architect" and it sticks to me so I just want to know is it okay if I don't study physics (as I went for commerce stream) do the courses teach us physics too? I mean do I have to gain some exceptional knowledge about it (physics) ? Cause I have no plan for opting physics for class 11th and 12th. It's not a very intelligent decision to trust the online websites still from what I've read I got to know we don't need higher grades and knowledge about physics. The uni teach us everything we need to know about physics while constructing something. 

Added : I don't have any university in my mind yet but I want to move out of India, actually i started thinking seriously about my future in class 10th but I never had time to sit down and search for universities and courses and I think that is where i lacked. I have to choose my stream in next few days and I want to know should I just go with applied maths to be on a safer side cause it will take time to search for universities and the courses they offer it will surely take next few months and obviously I can't wait till then I have to decide now, in India applied maths is an optional subject so I won't be caring about grades (if I choose it). 

I want some genuine answers from my architect friends cause my results will be declared soon and then I'll officially have to choose my stream. Again, should I opt for maths (normal or applied) or not and is it okay if I don't choose physics in 11th. 

I am not certain about my career path as I don't expect my 16 year old self to take so many decisions at this point. A little guide from you will help me. Any type of answer is appreciated here

May 2, 23 5:45 am
Non Sequitur

Did you not read the answers is your other identical thread?

May 2, 23 9:07 am  · 

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