Edinburgh vs Manchester for bachelors HELP!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey everyone, 

I am an international student from Canada that, unfortunately,  can't visit these unis before I commit. I was wondering which one I should choose. 

At the moment, I seriously can't find anything about the program at Edinburgh, but Manchester seems to have a pretty dynamic program. Some cons may be the number of international students, and its reliance on the MMU compared to the University of Manchester.  Manchester is a fair bit cheaper, but Edinburgh is beautiful!!!!! 

This is such a hard decision, help would be appreciated. 



Apr 28, 23 12:27 pm
Non Sequitur

A few small problems with your question(s):

  1.  Applied to schools and not knowing shit about some of them
  2. Why abandon virtually dirt-cheap canadian universities and pay international tuition?
  3. Asking random wankers online to make adult decisions for you.
  4. Did not do a 2second search in the forum's history for info

Help me internet to make important decisions for me... quick, need an answer by end of day!

Apr 28, 23 12:53 pm  · 
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Edinburgh is by far superior. Manchester is a factory. 

Apr 28, 23 1:24 pm  · 

Care to elaborate on your reasoning behind this?

May 2, 23 12:20 am  · 

Both schools offer a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, so the education is design-led, which doesn't appeal to every student. However, the ESALA in Edinburgh has a far older history and academic reputation and is regarded as one of the UK's oldest and solid universities. The Manchester School of Architecture on the other hand sits within MMU which is a former polytechnic. The ratio of student to staff (major indicator of academic quality) is very high, which points to the fact that the school is more interested in recruiting as many students as possible to make money than upholding academic standards. A lot of good students are attracted to Manchester because they think they would be studying at the University of Manchester, but end up getting their education from MMU. Also, the MSA may have a high position in QS rankings but this has no effect on the actual experience of studying there. The academic level of the MArch is laughable compared to European schools of architecture. When I was a student there, 40% of the incoming students would drop out due to the low quality of the course.

May 2, 23 4:42 am  · 

Seveal MSA students go to Edinburgh for MArch. I have never met an ex-Edinburgh student studying MArch at the MSA.

May 2, 23 4:51 am  · 

An ex-colleague ( registered architect) of mine who didn’t know what a scissors stair was went to Edinburgh. Every time someone mentioned this school , this story came to mind…. 

I’m out / carry on.

Apr 29, 23 8:14 pm  · 
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