Weave curtain wall - where's the beam suppose to be?


Hello all 

This is a school project I'm currently working on. To be brief, this is intended to be a concrete structure but gets complicated due to the unique facade design. On the exterior is a curve curtain wall that waves in and out, and in front of that is meant to be a mesh metal fabric that needs to connect to the wall or column. 

I need help trying to figure this out and understand the limits and possibilities of the structure. Attached are images of the exterior building design and wall section detail I have so far. Thank you! 

Apr 2, 23 7:39 am
Non Sequitur

sounds like an interesting design challenge.  Have you looked at other projects with projections or cantilevered floors? Did those example have paper thin slabs?

Apr 2, 23 8:17 am  · 
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I've tried looking for similar buildings but none of which I can find a section and use as reference. There is one precedent I am looking into at the moment - Nordstrom Flagship by James Carpenter architects, except the scale of the "waves" are much smaller compared to what I'm trying to achieve.

Apr 2, 23 11:21 am  · 
Non Sequitur

Plenty of examples of curved slab buildings. The nordstrom one is curved glass tho, not the same. Look harder, there are plenty of old school precedents that could hint at a solution... such as Marina Bay or lake point tower.

Apr 2, 23 6:40 pm  · 

Research post-tensioned concrete structures.

Apr 2, 23 9:29 am  · 

do something like this with the floor plates?

Apr 2, 23 1:47 pm  · 

Google point-fixed curtain wall. The double floor to floor height will need steel columns / structural mullions so the curtain wall can be fixed too.

Apr 4, 23 6:40 am  · 

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