USC vs Pratt - M.Arch


I have recieved scholarships from both USC and Pratt.

Pratt (First professional) M.Arch degree - 3 years

USC (First professional) + 2 M.Arch degree - 2 years

Which one to choose? Any suggestions?

I have already done my Bachelor's in Architecture for 5 years.While I would love to work in New York, just concerned about investing 3 years at Pratt. Can I take extra credits and finish early? Is 3 year Masters worth it? 

Mar 30, 23 11:53 am

Have you asked Pratt for advanced standing?  A post-professional MArch program for a BArch holder should really be no more than 4 semesters...

Mar 30, 23 5:08 pm  · 

Is it free? Otherwise why would you go back for a second professional degree? And if it's not free and you have some really good reason, go with the cheaper one, which should probably take into consideration that one of these will cost you an extra year you could be working. 

Mar 31, 23 4:02 pm  · 

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