I'm interested in the perspective of any architects who have made the move from New York to Los Angeles. I am originally from near LA, and went to college on the west coast, also near LA. For my M. Arch I came to the east coast and ended up in NYC after graduation, where I've been now for a few years.

As my family gets older, it worries me that I'm not around. I also miss the sense of openness, sunlight, air and so forth that I grew up taking for granted. Additionally, I think being nearer to my family would be a big help to me, personally, in just feeling more at ease and good about life.

I've also heard, dollar for dollar, overall quality of life is a little nicer in LA than in NYC. That, generally, the culture isn't as driven by hustle and workaholism as it is in NYC. I value my work-life balance, and sometimes I do find the pace of work expected in NYC to be exhausting sometimes.

I'm just curious who here has made this move, I'm sure a lot have, and whether anyone would be willing to share their story and what they've experienced. This is a decision I probably won't make for a few years yet, but being home with the folks for spring break does have me wondering.

Mar 23, 23 6:50 pm

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