Oliver Wainwright critique of EOM-ville

t a z

Too easy. 

Mar 19, 23 12:45 pm  · 

What qualifies Oliver Wainwright to be an architecture critic? Self appointed authority. No architect pays attention to his critique. He's only popular with female students. 

Mar 19, 23 1:41 pm  · 
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eric is that you?

Mar 21, 23 5:00 pm  · 
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I'm more surprised that a developer approved and paid for this design.

Mar 19, 23 2:16 pm  · 

Those photos are enough to make the case.  The least damning of them:

So the ONE thing this project has going for it is views.  But in a frenzy of (what seems like) self-defeat, he flings giant, nonstructural, unnecessary fettucine noodles at the exterior --compromising the building's solitary benefit.

Mar 19, 23 2:24 pm  · 
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Yes, I think EOMs interiors are always better than the exteriors...the building still sucks though...

Mar 19, 23 2:30 pm  · 
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the exterior frame is clearly structural; it's all that's holding this 16ft floor up!

Mar 20, 23 1:09 am  · 
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this building is fascinating, it's a very pure exercise in irrational structure and unprogrammed space.

it's hard to process criticism based on environmental sustainability. artwork always falls outside the framework of standardized criteria. clearly this building has more embedded carbon than necessary to build an equivalent area of typical office space. i don't think we have to worry this building represents a trend towards expensive complicated development - it's really a one off. there will always be a place for projects that exceed the baseline - the question is only whether this qualifies as the kind of extraordinary work that deserves such excess.

Mar 20, 23 1:15 am  · 
t a z

The sustainability argument is a false equivalency because first and foremost it will always be about the money. Any experienced developer will have a target tonnage per sf number they are budgeting for.

Mar 20, 23 9:31 am  · 
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*your name

As dead as a mummy.

Mar 20, 23 2:24 pm  · 

it's an ugly building in an ugly town built only to stir some pots. 

Mar 20, 23 2:52 pm  · 
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I suppose it is mildly interesting that a person such as Moss who presents in such a hyper masculine manner (near Tom of Finland level) and has door knob on the front door of his office in the shape of a veiny penis that anyone entering must pull makes buildings that are so highly decorative. 

Mar 24, 23 2:52 pm  · 

I dislike the review simply because it affirms EOM's own vision of his buildings' impact on Culver City. Wainright affirms it for the purpose of criticizing it... but it's still dishonest. 

Word is that EOM adores this review, as he would anything that builds up his mighty persona. Well written though. 

Mar 24, 23 8:34 pm  · 

Yeah, best would be to not talk about it at all. It is like the Trump phenomenon, EOM being the Trump in this case.

Mar 25, 23 12:58 am  · 
t a z

I like the floating cacti one - so whimsicle.

eric owen moss architects: cactus tower (

And wandering around EOM-ville is really fun, if only because the alternative is the typical commercial sprawl.

Mar 26, 23 12:58 pm  · 

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