Columbia msaad vs U.mich march2 ??


I'm an international applicant with 5.5 years of professional experience in our country. And I got admission to two schools, GSAPP msaad and Umich march 2 ($20K). I might go to Colombia because of the location and the school's name value in our country, although I know many people think it's a huge waste. So the question is

1. Is it hard to get a job with msaad degree in NY than in Chicago with Michigan March 2?

2. How do architectural companies usually accept practical experience in other countries? I worked hard on the design, and one of the projects in charge won the IF Design Award, but I don't think companies will pay much attention.

3. Is there a big difference in the level of education between them?

Mar 20, 23 1:53 pm

i got admission from GSAPP Ms. aad and GA Tech m.arch 2. Still confused. 

Apr 6, 23 3:58 pm  · 

Also international student here. I was between the same choices as you two years ago and chose Umich. I would say being able to intern during the summer between two years has provided me some experience on working in US and landed me with a full-time job after graduation. But since you already have years of professional experiences, I don't know if an internship in US would make a huge contribution. I would suggest search in Linkedin to find people with similar experience (foreign work experience prior to both master program) and ask about how they feel in the job search.

Apr 7, 23 8:48 am  · 

A lot of USA employers will be much more comfortable with applicants who possess US employment experience.  Few domestic employers  have enough knowledge of foreign practice methods to effectively evaluate foreign candidates.  You could very easily be relegated to a lesser role/lower pay in US offices.

Apr 7, 23 12:27 pm  · 

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