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I am looking for someone to review my portfolio for Master admission at Politecnico di Milano , epfl and other universities. Maybe you have some tips and recommendations where else to apply. My GPA is like 97% and I have a recommendation letter. Do you think it's possible to get in for archiutecturte and urban design at polimi and epfl? here is the link :  

Mar 14, 23 12:11 pm

A nice portfolio!  

Mar 14, 23 12:45 pm  · 
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thank you!

Mar 14, 23 1:30 pm  · 

I agree, I'm a big fan. Only thing I'd say is the art on your cover doesn't match the same level of elegant clean visual language as the rest of your work.

Mar 14, 23 1:46 pm  · 
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thank you definitely still working on the cover page art choice

Mar 14, 23 1:58 pm  · 

Do you need more school? You're work is very very good and would seem you could just start working. 

Mar 16, 23 1:31 am  · 

Depends on the country. In some areas (like the US) you need an accredited degree to become an architect in most states.

Mar 16, 23 11:51 am  · 

Super nice! Drawings and composition are wonderful. 

My one nit-picky comment is concerning p. 24-25. There is a full spread with a nice hand drawn diagram. I would maybe look into adding a little bit of post processing color overlay. I think this is the only page without any color and it kind of stuck out to me. There is also another similar type of image later on that has a small amount of color overlay so maybe try the same thing on p.24-25. But that's just me! 

Also if you do need to reduce the size at all, I would start with your hand drawings. They are really nice and they do add to it, just not sure its worth the extra pages. 

Agree with the cover page comment. 

Good luck!! 

Mar 16, 23 11:30 am  · 

I'd at least keep some of the hand drawings. It's only my opinion but I think hand drawings show that someone has a clear thought process and is able to communicate through quick sketches. These are valuable skills in architecture.

Mar 16, 23 11:57 am  · 
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This feels like a portfolio blast from the past, like what I'd expect to see 20+ years ago when I was graduating.  I wonder if it'll have more pull among hiring managers vs the more rendering-centric stuff I see today.

Mar 16, 23 12:23 pm  · 

This reminds me of how much work I have to do on my portfolio. Great work!

Mar 16, 23 12:53 pm  · 

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