MArch2 between U of Michigan and U of Washington, which one you will choose?


Hi guys, my turn. After reading all struggles about picking a graduate school. 

The reason why the workload of this industry is so large is caused by unnecessary overtime. But as an architect, it is also essential to have high standards for yourself and your work. 

I am about to start my graduate program this fall. I applied to 6 schools this time, UW, UO, IIT, TAMU, UMN, UIUC, and all schools accepted me except UIUC which is still waiting. But very Unfortunately, except for UO and IIT, I hardly got any scholarships.

UW: In-state tuition, good location, good local job opportunity
U Michigan has a Better reputation, 

But the tuition is UWx3, count in living expense(Seattle is expensive) there will be approximately 50k more than UW.

I'm not very willing to spend 50k on school, unless it can help me gain greater benefits in my career in the next 25 years. 

Also got from TAMU, U of Oregon(15k), IIT(half tuition) But have no idea what I should do there. 

Mar 13, 23 2:11 am
#save warrior nun

take the cheapest option, grad school is what you make out of it anyway 

Mar 13, 23 6:58 am  · 

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