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I was searching for master's courses in Europe. I am Interested in the structure design. Wanted to avoid the technical calculation which they teach in structural engineering. I want to study and understand structure to its core. Can anyone suggest the type, of course, I can go for? And I know the type of course I want can't alter like that. So for more understanding and field experience, I would also prefer the work on an international scale. Can you suggest which country would be preferable and easy for Indians to get into?  Any thoughts about Vietnam?



Mar 9, 23 12:34 pm
Non Sequitur

Reach out to forum member JawkneeMusic.  He'll give you all the information you need regarding structure.

Mar 9, 23 1:11 pm  · 

Non - that's cruel. The OP will just get sent pics of Jawk-junk.

Mar 9, 23 1:53 pm  · 

I just want to smoke weed and play with my dog.  What school do I go to for that?

Mar 10, 23 8:34 pm  · 
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