MLA Acceptances 2023 Canada



I'm a non-design background student (background in psych/philosophy) who was accepted to three MLA programs in Canada last year but had to defer for personal reasons. My options are:

Guelph (with small entrance scholarship) 

I've been agonizing for a long time on this decision and have found profs at each school whose research I admire/would like to engage with. On a whole, I think the UBC program has the most profs who I feel most aligned with, but all of them have really great faculty and I'm feeling stuck and nervous at making the wrong call and either not having access to great facilities/learning/networks or getting very in the hole financially. 

I know this question's been asked many times but asking for any advice to sway me any which way! 
Thank you in advance :) 

Mar 8, 23 1:20 pm

The cheapest one

Mar 9, 23 11:42 am  · 

hey. Congrats on all the offers. Do you remember when you received your acceptance letter? I also applied to Toronto and Guelph. 

Mar 14, 23 7:16 pm  · 

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