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Hello,if there’s anyone who attended the New York/Paris program recently. I am about to finish the bachelor degree of architecture, but I want to spend one more year to prepare the portfolio and to apply a better school. Is this program worth it? I received the offer 2 days ago. I am wondering if this program will help to increase the chance admitted by school like gsapp itself or gsd level school.  Or could you please tell me how many people in your class had been admitted by  gsapp level graduate school. Thanks!

Feb 7, 23 1:26 pm

It helps with adding work to your portfolio and getting letters of recommendation. If you already have those, then the benefits are not as substantial compared to applicants from non-design backgrounds, who need all the work and letters they can get.  The vast majority of NYP students do not have an architecture degree - those who do tend to have much weaker portfolios compared to their undergraduate classmates.

In my experience, the number of NYP students who wind up at schools like GSAPP (Which frankly has a higher rate of admissions compared to SOA and GSD) ranges from 4 - 8.

You also don't really need to finish both NY and P to prep for admissions, given the deadline for M.Arch apps is usually before P begins in the spring.

Feb 9, 23 8:57 am  · 
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Got it, thank you

Feb 11, 23 9:19 pm  · 

How long did you wait until you heard back with an acceptance letter? Also was the scholarship generous at all? 

Apr 26, 23 10:44 am  · 

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