Advice on portfolios for MSc!

I am an architecture student studying in Korea. I recently submitted my portfolio to TU Delft. I want to improve my portfolio if admissions fail.

If I fail the fall application, I will improve this portfolio and apply to GSAPP, GSD and TU Delft.

Serious advice please!


Feb 6, 23 8:04 am


Is the MSc program at Delft comparable to the M.Arch programs at GSD and GSAPP (in terms of professional accreditation and length)? I'm only familiar with the degrees offered by universities in the US.

I recently applied to GSD and GSAPP's M.Arch I programs in early January. Like you, I have an BS of Architecture (unaccredited degree), with a portfolio that focuses on combating affordable housing and sustainability. I'd say the only feedback I'd give is the lack of raw "thought process" sketches or diagrams in any of your projects. They are almost too polished, however counter intuitive that might be to hear.

With that being said, I love the work, if you'd like to connect send me a message! Last summer I lived in Seoul while interning at a firm based in Gangnam, I'd love to hear your story/perspective. 

Feb 6, 23 4:03 pm  · 
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