Polimi or Manchester


I received offers for Msc Interior and spatial design at polimi and MA in architecture and adaptive reuse at the Manchester school of architecture. I'm baffled about what to choose. I'm coming from India and the idea of choosing a considerable loan in the UK terrifies me due to the present situation. 

Feb 3, 23 12:02 pm

It is understandable that the decision between two very different offers can be a difficult one. Ultimately, the decision should come down to which of the two offers best aligns with your academic and professional goals. Consider the differences between the two programs in terms of course structure, faculty, and potential job opportunities after graduation. Additionally, you may want to research the cost of living and potential scholarships available for each program. Once you have gathered all the relevant information, you can make an informed decision that is right for you.

Feb 3, 23 12:33 pm  · 
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A couple of early deciding factors for which program you want to chose:

1. Make sure you can afford it. 

 2. Make sure the program is accredited in the area you want to practice.

If a program isn't going to meet both of these then it's worthless for you to consider.  

Feb 3, 23 12:38 pm  · 
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