TU Delft application portfolio! Needed comments!

This is a portfolio recently submitted to TU Delft. I would like to know if there are any chances of admission. I want to listen to honest opinions and improve my skills.

Jan 20, 23 10:52 am
Non Sequitur

No self-graded software skills graph.  The omission of this alone makes this one of the better folios I've seen in several months...

Jan 20, 23 10:56 am  · 
1  · 
Hyosik Kim

Jan 20, 23 12:22 pm  · 

A very nice portfolio.  I like how you show your study models.  If by chance you have any 'sketch' process drawings I would include those as well.  Again, very nice work!

Jan 20, 23 11:27 am  · 
2  · 
Hyosik Kim

Thank you for your kind words!
I regret submitting it without the sketch..

Jan 20, 23 12:09 pm  · 

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