Need Advice about Master/ Bachelor in Architecture


Hello Everyone,

My case is a bit complicated, but i will try to explain.

I studied Metallic Materials in China, and next year in 2024 I will be graduating from my master’s program in Germany (still about Materials Sci.). However, through the master’s study in Materials Sci. I confirmed again this is not what I REALLY want to learn. I’m still thinking about Architecture. (chose a wrong bachelor’s program, long story….

I already got some info on goolge, like Mater in Architecture I in USA, which is possible for students from unrelated majors, or having a Bachelor in Architecture somewhere.

My boyfriend is in Germany, I don’t wanna go that far for Years (like USA or Canada, then it will be a long distance relationship), and having a Mater in Architecture is a bit more complicated in EUROPE if I don’t have a Bachelor in that. Is having a Bachelor in Architecture the only way I can choose? it’s a bit crazy cause I already used like 6 years for Materials Sci……

Now I really don’t know what to do! or on which direction should I continue to work on. (and I prefer an English taught program)

Plus, if there is really a way to apply for a MArch, how should I prepare the portfolio if I don’t have a strong background. 

Thank you so very much for your attention, I know it’s a lot of information, but thank you a lot in advance!

Best regards!

Jan 14, 23 3:03 pm


I'm also applying for masters. Basically for some overseas program away from your home country. You can qualify for M.Arch but you need to take extra courses/semesters to make up for what you have missed in bachelor's.

You also need to prepare a creative portfolio, putting forward your inquiry into design through a critical way. Portfolio can be any good creative work where you can share your potential for design and architecture.

These are all just from my knowledge and exp.

Jan 14, 23 4:00 pm  · 

@ahjun @znchengwang

I am following up to see if you had any positive outcomes on your research on Distance Learning M.Arch programs? I am an Architecural Technologist in South Africa and looking to do a Master's so I may register as Architect. Not in a position to return to full-time studies so distance is the only options

What courses / distance programs have you researched that look promising and have all the legitimate accreditations?
It is my understanding that NAAB is the accreditation requirement in the USA, I am not sure yet of the accreditation bodies in Europe. 

Thanks for help. I will post what info I find regarding above once I have completed research portion on my side. 

Apr 17, 23 9:42 am  · 

What about Boston Architectural College online master program?

Apr 18, 23 3:21 am  · 

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