Is it simpler to study Architecture in Canada or in the UK?


Hello, everyone.

New poster here, trying to get some questions answered about architecture qualifications

I am about to graduate secondary school and been living in both Canada and the UK all my life, and I’m interested in enrolling in Architecture In the near future.

However with all the academic logistics associated with qualifications. 

Is it simpler to study Architecture in Canada (BArch & MArch) or in the UK (Part I and II) exclusively? Or is it better to do a hybrid and study Bachelors in Canada and Masters in the UK (or vice-versa?) 

Would appreciate any answers and insights.


Sep 22, 22 2:03 pm
Non Sequitur

It depends where you want to live/work and how much you're willing to spend tuition wise AS WELL as years after schools. Licensing process between the 2 places are different.

I can't say much for UK, but arch education and licensing in Canada has greatly improved over the last few years and is very straight-forward... esp when compared to the process in the US.

Sep 22, 22 2:14 pm  · 

How is the Canadian process different that the US? We graduate, intern for 3 years, take five exams, and you're good in all 50 states. This is assuming you went the traditional path and have an MArch.

Sep 22, 22 2:59 pm  · 
Non Sequitur

^Easier and simplified exams (4) and no NCARB for a start. 8-)

Sep 22, 22 3:25 pm  · 
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Well that seems a bit easier. Do you still have internships and a set number of hours to obtain before you can take yoru exams?

Sep 22, 22 3:39 pm  · 
Non Sequitur

Yes, 3800ish hours, similar categories as you guys. You can write exams at 50% IDP.

Sep 22, 22 5:12 pm  · 

We can do the same here though. Several exams you don't have to even be done with school.

Sep 22, 22 5:14 pm  · 

What NS said.

Because of protectionist approach to licensing it is (in my experience only - YMMV) not such a large issue when still a student and more important afterwards. The world may be globalized but licensing is not set up for people who move around a lot. That too has gotten better in the last decade, however it is not easy to keep jumping around after awhile.

FWIW, I know several people who went through the process of getting their MArch in Canada accepted as Part II in UK  - and then they went on to get their part III same as everyone else.  The main requirement was money and time. Unfortunately I dont know how easy it is to do other way. Possibly about the same....

Sep 22, 22 3:04 pm  · 
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