England's Royal College of Art - MA Architecture (ARB/RIBA Part 2)


I am planning to go for the Royal College of Art - MA Architecture (ARB/RIBA Part 2) in London.

Is it a difficult school to enter? Always hear about UCL/AA/Westminster but never really heard anything about RCA for Architecture...!

Sep 18, 22 7:11 am

`Is the school difficult to enter?`What's the point of that question? What difference does it make? 

Do you imply that if the school has low admittance rate this will discourage you from applying all together? Or if it is easy to get in you won't work hard enough on your portfolio? 

The right attitude is to give it your best shot at every occasion and let the admissions committee just do their job. 

PS. Recommendations letters (and who writes them) are what makes the difference in graduate admissions at top schools) because essentially most serious applicants have similar top level portfolios. Therefore, try to get a recommendation letter from someone connected to the RCA network.

Sep 18, 22 8:08 pm  · 

Hi, please do not misunderstand me... I asked if it's difficult to enter is because I am not the best student and I am afraid I may not make the cut... That aside, one of my recommendation is my Year 2 Lecturer whom graduated from RCA Architecture...

Sep 19, 22 2:21 am  · 

I hope so! :(

Sep 21, 22 1:20 am  · 

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