MLA in Europe?

K Way

I'm interested in pursuing a Master's in Landscape Architecture as a first-degree professional. In the US, that's a 3 year program. Has anyone gone to a European school for an MLA?

For US programs,  I've priced out the costs for my in-state program (SUNY ESF) and a couple out of state (NC State & UGA in Athens), and the costs for tuition and living expenses are terrifying. Well over $100,000 in NC & GA, and about $87,000 for ESF. These are rough numbers and don't include any expected aid & scholarships, but I can't imagine getting substantial aid to really bring down those costs to something manageable btwn $30k-$50k. 

I'm wondering if anyone has gone to a European school for an MLA as an American citizen. Are there programs taught in English? Are any accredited by the ASLA or recognized as equivalent? If returning to the US, do states recognize a European degree & are you able to get licensed (once taking the LARE)? Was the cost substantially lower?

Aug 4, 22 1:14 pm

Its not an MLA in Europe- its an MSc- a 2 year program. There are many taught in English in the Netherlands and the UK. There are also 4 year work/study programs at for example the Academy in Amsterdam. You need a degree in architecture or landscape or at least design of some type to get accepted.

You need to check w ASLA yourself on if they are equivalent (I doubt it?).

Aug 5, 22 8:31 am  · 

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