With a B.arch degree from the U.S., should I get a RIBA II or III in U.K.?



Need some help for the clarification.

I finished a 5 year professional degree in the U.S. and am considering working and get licensure at U.K.

What RIBA degree do i need to get? Is non-professional degree an option in U.K. as I have got a professional degree already?

Aug 2, 22 12:08 pm

Easiest pathway for you is to get NCARB then do reciprocity - no schooling required US UK Reciprocity 

If you wanted to get acclimated to uk practices - with post study work visa access (3 Year) do a 1 year non professional degree - AA or Bartlett to get access to top UK practices 

Aug 3, 22 9:28 am  · 

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