With AA School BA, can you go to the US schools for masters?


I'm considering applying to AA School's BA program(Experimental Programme).

I would first have to get admitted, but one thing that concerns me applying in the first place is whether the BA program at AA School would close doors for my future.

I read that all the programmes at AA School are pass/fail systems. Does this mean there's no GPA? If yes, can you actually go to schools in the US for master's? or even other schools in the UK, such as Cambridge or UCL Bartlett for master's programs like RIBA part II or land economy?

I would like to keep my doors open for the future as much as possible since at this point I'm unsure if AA school and even architecture itself is right for me. 

My feeling is that I would only be able to figure it out after studying for at least one year. If I don't feel like I'm a right fit, I might want to apply for MBA in the US for instance. As far as I know, MBA programs care a lot about undergrad GPAs. If everything is pass/fail, going to AA school may be a disadvantage I guess?

I would appreciate it if anyone familiar with AA grads' future outside of the UK and architecture could share some advice.

Jul 27, 22 11:03 pm
atelier nobody


Jul 28, 22 1:04 am  · 

Good morning,

my name is Veronica and I'm the admissions coordinator looking after the First Year of the Experimental Programme at the AA.

We have many international students who study with us, including from the USA, so it is likely you will be able to study in the USA after studying with us. However please note that we are not in the position to advise on other institutions' entry requirements so my advice is to check the entry requirements with the institutions you wish to study at in the USA and find out what international qualifications they accept. We know the USA takes international students, so I find it unlikely they wouldn't take students who have studied at the AA School or have qualifications that don't have a GPA.

I hope this helps!

Aug 2, 22 5:06 am  · 

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