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Hi everyone

This year I graduated so I am looking for a job in the Netherlands. I'd appreciate it if someone can review my portfolio and give me some feedback.

You can view the portfolio via this link:

Thanks for helping!

Jul 25, 22 11:59 am

The industrial design and furniture piece at the end of you book is interesting.  I would keep developing this. 

Jul 29, 22 6:20 am  · 

Really like it overall, clean and some captivating images with varities. However, I think you can use 2-3 pages of just one image -full spread or partial spread with just white leftover space. WIll create better rhythm overall. 

Jul 29, 22 11:03 am  · 
Cas Esb

nice, just keep in mind that one clearly visible image is better than 6 images that are not visible or too cramped on the page.

pg 4-5 too cramped

pg 15-16 small images not visibile for me

also nobody will ever read the text. if you want to keep it bold a few key sentences so the skimmers like me can get the jist without spending 10 min

Aug 1, 22 2:46 am  · 

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