This is a little out of the nowhere, but I want to make sure that I’m remembering line weights correctly. So in a section the section cut and ground share the thickest line, but after that is getting mixed up. Is it supposed to be the outline of the building as a whole or the most important geometries that take the next thickest line. If it’s the most important geometries, but they’re far away then does outline of the building get a thicker line than those far away geometries?

Answer: The rule I usually go with is what you want most visible or most important to be thickest 

In studio, we haven’t done any realistic buildings yet and it’s still about experimenting artistically, so I’m still confused on what the important part would be in studio.

Jul 12, 22 2:32 pm
Non Sequitur

Answer:  What is the point of the section?  What is the point of the drawing? What information are you trying to convey?

That should determine your line weights.

Kidsthesedays... I carried 8 different 2mm drafting pencils with different leads so I could draw my studio projects regardless of if the building was realistic or not.  (spoiler, very few of my studio projects were realistic).

Jul 12, 22 2:51 pm  · 
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We get it. You're old.

Jul 12, 22 3:02 pm  · 
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Non Sequitur

I'm only 38, dawg.

Jul 12, 22 4:02 pm  · 

2mm? No self respecting Canadian should carry anything less than a .270 Winchester. Get with it.

Jul 12, 22 4:08 pm  · 
Non Sequitur

I openly carry a 6mm 6b graphite stick in a unvarnished maple holder. better?

Jul 12, 22 4:51 pm  · 
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Pffft. As a 'Murican I open carry a 60 pound recurve bow with a quiver of arrows.  

Jul 12, 22 5:53 pm  · 
Non Sequitur

Exploding tip arrows, I hope.

Jul 12, 22 6:00 pm  · 

I conceal carry a full set of Copic Multiliners and a brush pen as a sidearm when I need a quick on the go sketch.

Jul 12, 22 9:23 pm  · 
atelier nobody

I very strongly recommend getting yourself a copy of Ching's Architectural Graphics.

Jul 12, 22 7:05 pm  · 
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Ching's books really are great for general drawing guidelines. Also if this is school take the time to experiment as this is the best way to really learn.

Draw your section with all one flat lineweight of a medium thickness so you can go thicker or thinner. Then prepare multiple copies of it and try out different variations keeping the general guidelines in mind. Use your own eyes as judgement because those are what you are going to be working with as a professional for your entire life. You don't want to be an architect with a bad eye. The key to getting better at this is to draw a lot with intent. The biggest mistake you can make in a drawing is for it to have no intent. A section can convey a LOT of information. You get to decide what the important part is and your goal is to convey that to the viewer.

Whether a project is realistic or not, architectural drawings are by their nature always "unrealistic" because they consist almost entirely of lines, which if you ever noticed do not really exist when you look at an object. It may be geometrically accurate, but line drawings are abstractions mostly meant to emphasize the information contained in contour. We don't usually paint architectural drawings because it defines too much extra information we don't intend to convey. (leave renderings aside since they are meant to convey entirely different information)

Also, when I talk about drawing I mean by hand. It's fine to produce on the computer because it's more efficient and whatnot, but you are currently training yourself to recognize and understand these things. You aren't using your hands as a prefered production tool (they aren't anymore). Never forget that your top priority as a student should be to embody knowledge.

While we all love to give advice and chat on this forum and stuff .......always consult your professor any time you need help or advice. You're paying a pretty penny for access to these people, after all.

Enjoy studio!

Jul 12, 22 10:39 pm  · 

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