Non-Ivy League M.Arch Advice?


I'm finishing my BS Arch this coming year and trying to navigate the world of grad school shopping. I was wondering if anyone had advice on non-Ivy League grad schools? Those really aren't in my budget, and I'm also not sold on the super-traditional programs they offer.

If I'm doing a state school I plan on going to the University of Minnesota, but I was really intrigued by Detroit Mercy's program. They seem to incorporate a lot of design-build and community engagement best practices into their program, something I'm really passionate about. Does anyone know if this is true (or if it's just one of those things that gets embellished on their website as an advertising point), or know anything about the actual reputation of the school? Recommendations for other similar schools are appreciated as well, or advice on how to make the most of grad school to get started on a good career. Thank you!

Jun 27, 22 10:11 pm
Non Sequitur

a private catholic university? Hells fucking no. Why waste any brain cells navigating that cesspool? 

Jun 28, 22 6:07 am  · 
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1-year of grauduate architecture tuition is $35,062
Because it's an accelerated 5-year B+MArch, you can't really just transfer into the last year and finish it in one.
Per the transfers page: "Students who hold bachelor’s degrees from other institutions can earn master’s degrees in two to three years."
That's $70-105k. If budget is a concern give it a pass, you can get a lot more for that kind of money.

Jun 28, 22 7:09 am  · 

Go to a school with co-op terms or a solid design build program.

University of Cincinnati and Auburn come to mind.

Jun 28, 22 8:54 am  · 
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Agree with Kenchiku in terms of co-op terms or design build program. 

Personally I would recommend UVA, UT Austin, Michigan, and Berkeley as the best state schools. 

Jun 28, 22 9:17 am  · 

Michigan is good and less Kool Aid to drink than Berkeley

Jun 28, 22 10:47 am  · 

If cost is the main concern, go to state schools that give out assistantships like candy and in a place with low cost of living. Ones that offer TA positions with tuition waivers, healthcare, and monthly stipends. The top state schools above charge just as much as any ivy for out of state and might be hard to get paid TA positions. Plus rent in Berkeley and Austin is high, even Cville is getting up there. State schools in the Midwest are probably the best bet. Virginia Tech, Clemson, Georgia Tech in the south as well. 

Jun 28, 22 10:58 am  · 
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This is a really comprehensive answer. what is your top choice among all these schools?

Jun 28, 22 8:08 pm  · 

You should, at all costs, get out of Minnesota. Some, and I can't believe I'm saying this, have gone to NJIT for their graduate degree. Affordable, close to NYC, and you most likely can get $$ to attend. University of Washington in St. Louis is another good school.

Jun 28, 22 9:15 pm  · 

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