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I am Sheik Rishan. A student currently in my 4th year of Architecture. 

I am currently looking for internship opportunities. I have made a portfolio and it would be a great help if I could get feedback and reviews on it. 

You can view my portfolio at:-

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Jun 20, 22 12:28 pm

Hello Sheik,

Many people post their portfolios on this forum, and they often make the same mistake of presenting too many elements in their portfolios, and yours is no exception.  In my opinion, you should take a closer look at your portfolio and ask yourself, what is it that you want the viewer to see in each image? Consider putting two-three images side by side, and if the two or three images on the same spread explain the same thing, then you should choose the best one. Spend more time on one drawing and make it spectacular rather than three mediocre images.

Jun 20, 22 1:10 pm  · 
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I agree with hiall.  It's too busy for me to sift through many images on the page.. though I enjoy reading manga as scenes are connected with a plot.  I think you can use smaller images to explain the concept and the process, but your end product (in your case, final floor plans and sections) should be given more emphasis.    

Jun 20, 22 1:39 pm  · 
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If a portfolio has more than 1-2 pages with this level of crowdedness, it's too much. One issue with this as well is the tendency to do less with more images rather than more with less images. This all gives it a very urban design feel as well, and there is a real de-emphasis on the architectural design.

Side note, I personally hate text that is aligned to both sides, makes it annoying to read and unattractive, but that might be a personal opinion. 

Jun 20, 22 9:54 pm  · 

Thank you for the valuable feedback. I shall re-work and improve it.

Jun 20, 22 2:33 pm  · 

I saw it was 50 pages when I had time to look at 5 tops. Those poor other 45 pages.....

Jun 21, 22 3:09 am  · 

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