aa school vs bartlett, please help me


Hello, I'm a student in korea. For undergraduate school, I am debating between ucl and aa. The style of the two schools is similar, so I am more concerned, but which school is better?

May 12, 22 12:40 pm
Non Sequitur

If this is the level of effort you're going to do for such an important and expensive adult decision... then it's going to be a rough ride for you in any post secondary school.

May 12, 22 12:45 pm  · 
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Something like this needs to be made a sticky at the top of the academic forums. That or have a little text box pop up with something like this before a post is made in academic forum.

May 12, 22 1:07 pm  · 

I already graduate from high school...

May 12, 22 1:22 pm  · 
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Non Sequitur

ok... and?

May 12, 22 2:41 pm  · 

He already has high school. He clearly doesn't need help making life changing decisions. Oh wait . . . .

Seriously though.  OP - speak to the different schools and ask about the job placement of their alumni.  Each school should have data on this.  If they don't or won't share it with you then that is a bad sign.  

May 13, 22 10:01 am  · 

I have been trying to get the same from AA for a week now. Still nothing.

May 13, 22 11:07 am  · 

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