Master degree in Architecture - TU Delft, IOA Vienna, Aarhus School of Architecture, KADK


Hi all,

I've been admitted to the master's programs in architecture at the following Universities: TU Delft, IOA Vienna, Aarhus School of Architecture, KADK (Architecture + Extreme Environments).

I am having a really hard time making a decision. TU Delft obviously seems like a big deal to a lot of people, but I am wondering if it is a little bit overhyped. 

I like the look of Aarhus, the facilities look great and I think the student - staff ratio is a plus. I am quite interest in computation though, and am not sure how much that is supported at Aarhus. 

KADK Extreme Environments looks amazing, would there be any of you who might have done it and tell me what you though.

And IOA Vienna seems to have a big focus on computation, which I like, although this is the one school I'm the least sure about.

I would really appreciate hearing your thoughts and maybe even experiences at these schools.

Thank you!

May 5, 22 11:11 am

Delft is the best choice.

May 5, 22 3:06 pm  · 

I am only familiar with Delft as well, although I have been a student in the Building Technology track rather than the Architecture one.

The quality of teaching, student work and networking opportunities was in my opinion excellent. What is more, Dutch schools have a (quite intensive) 4-quarter system which offers the possibility to cover a wider spectrum of subjects (3 courses/quarter) as opposed to the traditional 2-semester year of other schools. Take a look here for a full overview of studios (6-month long) and electives to understand the breadth of resources that the faculty offers, given its multidisciplinary nature. I am aware that computational design is also widely practised here, although it may be on the technical side. I can't comment on studios, however design-wise there is a nice variety of design seminars (Q3), and even an environmental psychology course (Q2) at Leiden, open to TU Delft architecture students. Consider also taking electives at Berlage or Industrial Design (lighting design).

I would also recommend reaching out directly to students from the above schools on Linkedin and asking for a quick chat, as these forums are no longer as active as they used to and also mostly cover American schools.

PS. If you go to KADK, it's possible to do a semester exchange at Delft.

May 5, 22 6:58 pm  · 

All are quite good. Be aware that Aarhus and Copenhagen are arts academy style schools whereas Delft is of the technical heritage. The style of teaching and way courses are structured might be quite different and a matter of your prefered way of being educated.

May 6, 22 12:26 pm  · 

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