anyone going to Princeton M.Arch this year?


just want to start networking cuz I'm feeling a bit lost

May 4, 22 3:14 pm

I went last year.  It was fun but the parties were lame.  

May 4, 22 5:15 pm  · 
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Non Sequitur

have you tried using Google maps? Pretty sure it’s got direction to the school. 

May 4, 22 5:28 pm  · 
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Yes, it also tells me to become Jesus and walk over the Atlantic. Maybe if I become Jesus, I'll be a little less loss.....

May 7, 22 10:48 am  · 
Non Sequitur

Just wait til winter when it freezes over. Easy peasy.

May 7, 22 1:12 pm  · 

It makes no sense to network on the Archinect forum unless you want to be trolled. Reach out to the school student group... dumb dumb...
It's possible that you haven't taken the rejection letter well...and are living a hallucination of being accepted by Princeton. In any case, please take care of yourself. 

May 4, 22 6:02 pm  · 

Hush troll.

May 5, 22 11:45 am  · 

Dear Princeton, thankyou for your rejection letter, this year I have had an exceptional amount of rejection letters. After considering on the various reasons you have given for my rejection, I have determined that the reasons were not suitable for me. Please understand that this is not a direct reflection of your performance, but rather, an unsuitability. I wish you success in your further rejections, and I will see you in the next term

May 7, 22 10:53 am  · 

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