M.Arch With a Bachelors in a different field


Hi there! I'm looking for recommendations for my Masters of Architecture. I have a Bachelor's Degree in a different field. Most of the schools i've seen are 3+ year programs. Does anyone know of any NAAB-Accredited schools that offer accelerated programs? Preferably 2 years or less! Thank you so much!

(Pic is to grab your attention!)

Apr 28, 22 2:54 pm
Non Sequitur

Why do you deserve an accelerated path?

Apr 28, 22 3:17 pm  · 
From what I’ve seen, M.Arch degrees from non arch background are longer than those that are. You have no formal architectural education so I don’t think any school will try and condense that into 2 years or less.

At my school, that’s called Path A, and is a 3.5 year program.
Apr 28, 22 3:36 pm  · 

There are none that are less than 3 years and accredited. 3.5 years is probably the shortest M.Arch I program that is not a fly by night operation.

Apr 29, 22 11:14 am  · 

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